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2023 Austin Apartment Association Results of the WOW Games

There were 3 Winners! The winner of the Top Prize which was the Floating Bluetooth Speaker, was Brittany Walls as she had the best time in the Memory Game, completing it in 10 seconds!  Congrats Brittany, we will be reaching out to you!

Below are the results of the two other drawings which included the names of all those who participated.  Additionally, those who had the top times in completing the game, received an advantage.  We will reach out to the two winners below! 


And remember, that every Monday we will either have our Regular Weekly Greystar Game to play, with the results of our weekly drawing being displayed on our RESULTS page the following Tuesday morning.  Or if there is no game, then we will just have the Drawing for a winner for a $50 Gift Card on Tuesday morning. 


If you are new to this site and would like to be included in the weekly drawing, then please REGISTER so that you will be included.  Also, for every team member that registers from your office, that increases your odds of your office winning the Office of the Month Prize!

Now check out who the other two winners were for the AAA 2023 Trade Show Game!

The winner below won the Floating Light Bulb!  

The winner below won the Magnetic Pen
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