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Thanks for participating in the Invitation Challenge!  Below you will see who the results of who had the most success in getting Greystar employees from other offices to register.  We had two participants and they each brought in the same amount of new participants, so each will get a $75 Gift Card

Liz Holibaugh & McKenna Lazarin

Additionally, the winner of the $25 Gift Card drawing for the Invitation Challenge was: Randy Litton

All three of you can EMAIL ME here to receive your Gift Cards!  

  • Drawings for gift cards

  • Trivia question challenges for prizes

  • Answering riddles for prizes

  • One participating Office a month will be drawn to win a Free Lunch

  • Digital Scavenger Hunts for prizes

  • Digital Talent Show Submissions for prizes

  • And more

Potential Prizes!

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