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So what exactly are the RPM Games?  Simply put, they are fun, simple non-intrusive digital games that allow you to compete against your area co-workers and office staffs.  You and your team will have chances to win weekly, monthly and yearly prizes and of course you will have bragging rights!  But why are we at WOW Total Cleaning & Restoration hosting these games?  Quite frankly, we as a New Approved Vendor just want to make a splash and introduce our company to you and stay top of mind in a fun unique way.  We know we are playing catch-up with your current vendors, so we are looking for ways to stand out until we have shown you just how good we are at what we do!  To participate as an individual and be entered in our weekly drawings, you must register.  You can register by CLICKING HERE.  Below are examples of the type of games that will be played and the types of Prizes that will be won.  Check it out!

  • Drawings for gift cards

  • Trivia question challenges for prizes

  • Answering riddles for prizes

  • One participating Office a month will be drawn to win a Free Lunch

  • Digital Scavenger Hunts for prizes

  • Digital Talent Show Submissions for prizes

  • And more

Potential Prizes!

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